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Selection Tips

Choosing the best nursing home is an important decision and will depend on what your needs are.

These tips will guide you to choosing the right nursing home for you.

  1. Identify your needs. See our Considerations section.
  2. Prioritize by determining which items are most important to you and shop with those points in mind. All nursing homes are different.
  3. Evaluate the financial position of the patient. Determine how you will pay for care and accumulate the income and asset financial information you will need when applying for admittance.
  4. Consult with the individual's physician to determine his or her medical needs.
  5. Select your preferred facilities and generate a list of facilities in your area of interest.
  6. Many facilities also have websites.
  7. Contact the facilities of interest to schedule tours.
  8. Verify whether the facility you select meets your needs identified in the Considerations section.
  9. Start early! Some homes may have waiting lists. If possible, begin your search before you really need to.
  10. Remember to thank the facility staff for improving the process by supporting Nursing Home INFO!

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